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Carry Decks & Spyder Cranes

Carry Decks & Spyder Cranes

Carry decks and spyder cranes are two popular types of cranes used in a variety of different industries. Carry decks are versatile, compact transportation machines that can be used to carry heavy objects or loads consisting of up to 24 tons or more. They have wide wheelbases and low profiles which makes them easy to maneuver around tight spaces making them the ideal choice for smaller jobs that require the movement of heavy materials.

Versatile Features for Challenging Tasks

Carry decks come equipped with various features like multiple stabilizers, improved hydraulics, and outriggers that ensure they can take on heavier tasks such as lifting large stones or concrete blocks with ease. Additionally, their hydraulics systems also allow operators to move items over distances without having to put them down meaning projects can be completed quickly without much downtime.

Engineered for Performance in Narrow Spaces

Spyder cranes are another type of crane perfect for narrow spaces due to their telescopic boom design which allows greater flexibility when it comes to reaching tight corners or awkward locations. Spyder cranes are capable of lifting objects up to 10 tons or more and are perfect for overhead tasks like loading logs onto trucks or setting trusses for stage sets. It is also well suited for minor demolition work such as taking down walls in confined areas quickly and safely without compromising on precision.

A Highly-Efficient Lifting Solution

Overall, both carry decks and spyder cranes provide highly efficient solutions when it comes to moving equipment and materials around small spaces with limited room while still being able to handle heavy-duty workloads whenever necessary. Their agility and ability to navigate complex terrain make them essential equipment for any construction project where time is of the essence.

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