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Crawler Cranes

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are heavy-duty machines designed to traverse rough and uneven terrain. They can be found in a variety of construction sites due to their unique ability to move on their own while carrying loads up to 1000 tons and more. Crawler cranes can also be used for digging foundations and trenches, transporting materials within the worksite, and performing demolition work by handling heavy objects like rubble and debris.

Designed for Increased Reach and Clearance Through Rough and Uneven Terrain

Crawler cranes are composed of two primary parts: the body/carriage assembly which contains the engine and drivetrain system, as well as the booms which are used to lift loads. The engine powers a pair of staggered tracks which propel the crane forward and allow it to turn sharply when required. The boom consists of several jointed sections that can be extended or pivoted for increased reach or clearance. 

Strength and Stability

The main advantage of using crawler cranes is their stability during hoisting operations due to their low center of gravity; this allows them to carry even heavier loads without toppling over like wheeled-cranes might if not properly stabilized.

Flexibility and Mobility

Overall crawler cranes offer flexibility and mobility for heavy lifting tasks in areas that may be difficult or impossible for other types of equipment to access due to harsh terrain conditions or tight space requirements making them an ideal choice for those challenging job sites where no other machine will do.

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