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Highway Tractors

Highway Tractors

Highway tractors are an integral part of transportation in Alberta. These powerful vehicles are used to haul large loads across the province, making them essential for businesses and industries that rely on efficient transportation. Highway tractors can be found in many different sizes and configurations, allowing them to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Designed for Long-Distance Moves

The most common type of highway tractor is the semi-truck, which is equipped with a trailer and can carry up to 80,000 kilograms. Semi-trucks are used to transport goods across long distances, such as from Edmonton to Calgary or from Alberta to other provinces. They are also commonly used for hauling heavy equipment and materials for construction projects.

A Safe Highway Transport Solution

In addition to providing efficient transportation services, highway tractors also help keep Alberta’s highways safe by providing additional visibility when traveling at night or in poor weather conditions. The bright headlights on these vehicles make it easier for drivers to see what is ahead of them on the road, reducing the risk of accidents caused by low visibility.

From Edmonton to Calgary, or Coast to Coast

While on Western Canadian highways, see if you can spot the iconic orange of a Revolution Crane & Transport tractor! Our customers have trusted us with their heavy haul trucking needs. Revolution Crane & Transport will assist you the entire way, whether from Edmonton to Calgary, across Alberta, or coast to coast.

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