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Knuckle Booms

Knuckle Booms

Knuckle booms, also known as articulating booms, are a type of crane designed for lifting and handling loads in areas where space is limited such as tucked away corners of job sites or narrow alleys. Unlike other types of cranes that rely on a long jib to maneuver around obstacles, knuckle booms are made up of several jointed sections that can be extended or pivoted giving them greater reach and flexibility for navigating tight spaces.

Versatile Features Intelligent Control Systems

Knuckle booms come with a variety of features depending on their size, including telescopic extensions, winches, jibs, counterweights, and hoist lines which allow them to perform various tasks such as loading/unloading material from trucks or boats, demolition work, construction site maintenance and reaching difficult-to-access areas. They also come equipped with intelligent control systems that provide stability while the boom is extended so operators can handle heavier loads without risking an accident.

Incredible Maneuverability and Strength

These powerful machines have become increasingly popular in a wide range of industries due to their incredible maneuverability and ability to handle heavier objects compared to regular telehandlers. They often serve as the ideal choice for tasks involving delicate items like glass windows which cannot be lifted by bigger machines but still need to be done quickly due to their awkward position or weight.

The Crane of Choice for Construction Sites and Unique Lifting Challenges

Overall knuckle booms are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment perfect for construction sites requiring fast movement between jobsite locations as well as detailed tasks like demolition work or complex lifting operations due to their unique ability to swivel or extend depending on the task at hand.

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