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Multi-Wheel Combinations

Multi-Wheel Combinations

Multi-wheel combination transport is a unique and efficient way to move heavy loads. Long combination tractors and trailers are also becoming more popular in the trucking industry.

A Unique and Efficient Way to Move Heavy Loads

When transporting by land, certain regulations must be followed depending on the country or province/state you’re in. For example, multiple-wheel units will be subjected to limit loadings from manufacturing tolerances, tire growth, and tire wear.

A Variety of Options for Heavy Loads

Overall, multi-wheel combination transport offers a variety of options when it comes to moving heavy loads efficiently and safely. Revolution Crane & Transport is familiarized with all transport safety laws & regulations successfully transporting countless shipments for our customers on a daily basis. Whether you need assistance with heavy haul trucking across Alberta or need to move a legal-sized load from coast to coast, Revolution Crane & Transport will assist you the entire way.

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